iPhoto Library Recovery

If you are Mac PC user then you would be very much familiar with iPhoto Library Software. It is a photograph management application that allows the Mac users to store their photo files in a very organized way. The iPhoto application allows to store, share, browse as well edit your favorite photos on large screen of your Mac PC. It offers so many highly advanced features such as you can post your photos on popular networking sites or photo sharing sites directly from this application. You don't even have to visit their sites. And most of all, if anybody comments on your Photo then you can directly see from Mac iPhoto library and make your own comments on it. Due to all these unique features, it is widely used by all kinds of users. However, may a times photos from iPhoto library becomes inaccessible or get accidentally deleted. In such case, you need to perform iPhoto library recovery immediately to recover your lost photo files.

In iPhoto library, each file is saved with its own information. The iPhoto library folder contains all the albums created by users with complete informations such as photo ratings, keywords, and other data attached with the Photos. If this photo folder gets accidentally deleted then the entire iPhoto library will become useless. You cannot access your photos in iPhoto application. So, while deleting iPhoto folder, you need to be very careful. However, if you have already lost your favorite photos from iPhoto application then you have no option other than to perform iPhoto library recovery suing an automatic photo recovery tool for mac.  

If you notice that your favorite photo file has got deleted then stop using your iPhoto library application immediately. This increases the chances of lost photo files location to get over-written and in such case the lost photo file will get lost permanently. Actually, when you delete any folder from your Mac PC, it goes in  hidden location but the actual data is still their in the hard-drive. But since its location is hidden therefore the Mac Os fails to find it and thus shows various kinds of error messages when user tries to access it.

So, you should immediately download and run the automatic iPhoto library recovery tool to retrieve your lost  iPhotos immediately. The automatic tool will throughly scan the entire iphoto library memory and will easily recover all lost photos of various file formats in no time. It has a very rich graphical user interface so you will not face any problem using the automatic photo recovery tool. 



User Guide

Step One

Launch iPhoto Library Recovery Software


Step Two

Now select volume for recovery of deleted iphoto files


Step Three

Select file type


Step Four

Now Start Scan


Step Five

After scanning Softwrae recovers all deleted files including trashed one. From here restore files which you want at your specified location.